Search tips

Using Keywords:

Search with Keywords:

Enter keywords in the search bar to find footage. Ex., San Francisco

To refine your current results, enter additional keywords to the search bar.

To begin a completely new search, delete the previous keywords and enter new keywords in the search bar.

Any Words:

Type OR between keywords to find clips that relate to any of the words you entered. Ex., San Francisco OR New York OR Los Angeles

All Words:

Type one or more keywords to find clips that contain all of those words. Ex., coral reef, ocean, Caribbean

You can also type AND between keywords to find clips that contain all keywords. Ex., coral reef AND ocean AND Caribbean

Exact Word or Phrase:

Use quotes to search for an exact word or set of words. Ex., "tropical island"

Exclude a Word:

Type NOT in front of a word to exclude that word from the search. Ex., cities NOT New York City NOT Los Angeles

Complex Searches:

Use parentheses to group your keywords and modifiers. Ex., (ships AND industry) NOT (snow OR ice)

Using Filters:

By clicking on the Advanced Search link, you will be taken to a search results page.

Refine your search results by checking boxes next to the different filters for License type, Footage Type, Frame Rate, Shot Type, Duration, and Resolution.

You can check multiple boxes for all of the filter categories, except for License Type. To clear an individual filter, click on the checked box, or remove all the filters by clicking the Clear All Filters link.

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