Frequently Asked Questions

Account Information

I forgot my username or password. What do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click the link "Reset password" on the Log-In page. You will be prompted to enter the username or email address you registered with. Directions on how to reset your password will be emailed to you shortly.

If you are unsure of your username, please refer to the email you received after registering for a FootageQuest account, or contact us at (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST).

How do I set up a corporate account for a company?

Contact us at and we will be happy to help you set up a corporate account.

How do I update my account info?

After you have completed the registration process, simply log in to your account and click on your username (the blue button in the upper right corner of the page). You can modify your account settings, view your invoice history, and modify personal information from this page.

How can I change my credit or debit card?

We don't store your credit card on file, so simply enter your new information at check out.

Can I delete my account?

To deactivate your account, please contact us at

How do I view my invoices and purchase history?

Please log in to your account and click on your username (the blue button in the upper right corner of the page). This will take you to your Personal Profile and Orders sections.

Searching and Browsing Media

Do you have researchers available to help me find what I want? I am looking for a large number of clips or I need something specific and couldn't find it.

We are happy to search our archives as well as our online library for the material that you are looking for. We charge a $150 research fee per subject, refundable on any order over $900. Please email us at regarding your search.

How can I find the technical specifications of your media?

Click on a clip in the search results to open the clip detail page. You will find all information for the clip on the right side of the page.

Are your clip latitude and longitude coordinates reliable?

We do our best to ensure that the latitude and longitude coordinates for our clips give an accurate idea of the location of the camera during shooting. If we are unsure of the location of the camera during shooting, you will notice a message on the clip detail page explaining that the coordinates for that clip are approximate. If no message appears noting that coordinates are approximate, then the location is quite accurate. However, ultimate responsibility is on the user to verify footage location.


How do I price clips?

Licensing rates are based on usage and territory. Use the drop down menus under the items in your cart to select the license that meets your specific needs.

Do you offer discounts for licensing large amounts of clips?

We offer discounts for bulk orders of 10 or more clips. Please contact us at for more information.

I made a mistake. Can I cancel a license after I pay for it?

If you have a problem with an order you have placed, please contact us within 2 days at We take pride in the quality of our products and service - we will gladly work with you to correct any licensing issues.

I am a non-profit/student/independent filmmaker with a small budget. Are there any discounts for me?

We offer reduced licensing rates for non-profits, students, and independent filmmakers. Select the corresponding license dropdowns below the clips in your cart to apply these special rates.

How do I apply for credit or receive a refund?

If you have a problem with an order you have placed, please contact us immediately at We can offer a return or exchange on any unused Rights-Managed or Editorial clips if notified within 2 days. We cannot offer a refund or exchange on Royalty-Free licenses.

Do you offer footage subscriptions?

At this time we do not offer subscriptions. We offer Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free licensing for individual clips. If you want to purchase licenses for clips in bulk, contact us at


How will my clip be delivered?

After checkout, you will receive a link to download your clip(s). You can also go to your Profile and click on the Orders tab to access the download links.

I paid for a license. Now how do I download the clip?

After checkout, you will receive a link to download you clip(s). You can also go to your Profile and click on the Orders tab to access the download links. The download link will be stored in your Orders in case you need to download it again.

My download is going very slowly. What can I do to speed it up?

Footage files can be quite large, however, download speed is determined by your internet service. If you have the option, plug directly into your ethernet, as it is typically faster than wi-fi. Sometimes virus scanner apps can slow down internet speed times. Turning this off temporarily may help.

Can I download the releases for a particular clip?

We respect the privacy of the property owners and models our content creators work with. We will not release names or contact information, but are happy to provide a release with private information blacked out. Please note that not all clips have releases.

Can I download a clip for evaluation purposes?

Once you have registered and created an account, you can download a low resolution water-marked version of any clips in our library for preview purposes. Click on a clip from a Collections page or Search page, then click the Download Free Comp link under the preview video.

My download is complete but I can't find my file on my computer. Where is it?

Try searching on your computer for the clip name, or download the clip again, this time carefully choosing where to store it. Mac users: Your file should be in your "Downloads" folder, unless you've designated another folder in your browser preferences. PC users: You were probably asked where you wanted to store the file. Check your desktop, downloads, documents and video folders.

My file is not usable (blurry, won't open, isn't long enough, etc.) What's going on?

If you experience an issue during download or your file becomes corrupted during download, contact us and we will arrange a different method of delivery. If the download completes and the file only plays a black screen, you may need to download a quicktime codec plug-in. Please follow this link for more information:


What does the word "license" mean?

A "license" is the legal right to use a clip. When you make a purchase on you are not purchasing the clip itself, but the rights to use that clip in your project. The price of the license is based on the terms of usage that you specify at checkout. Those terms can include size, placement, duration of use, and geographic distribution. Whomever you identify as the "licensee," (either you, the purchaser, or a third party/client) will own the right to use the content as stipulated in the licensing agreement.

How do I license a clip?

After adding a clip to your cart, click on the Cart button in the header. Use the drop-downs to specify your usage terms for the clip. Proceed with payment.

How do I give my client ownership of the clip license?

Designate your client as licensee during the purchase process. In the "License to" field, enter your client's name. Your client will then become the owner of the license for that particular clip.

What is the difference between Royalty-Free, Rights-Managed, and Editorial?

Royalty-Free: Royalty-Free pricing is based solely on file size. For a one time fee, clips can be used an unlimited number of times in multiple projects without paying additional royalties - as long as you comply with the license terms.

Rights-Managed: Rights-Managed pricing is calculated on a per project basis, based on how you plan to use the clip. Restrictions for rights managed licenses can include size, placement, duration of use, and geographic distribution.

Editorial: Editorial content is licensed for non-commercial purposes only. These files may contain identifiable brands, locations, or people without the proper legal releases needed for commercial use. Editorial only designated clips cannot be used for advertising or commercial purposes.

Does Royalty-Free mean the media is "free"?

No. "Royalty-free" means that after paying for a license there are no additional royalties for the licensed product as long as you comply to the terms of the license.

Are there any restrictions for using a clip that I have licensed?

On the clip detail page you will see an indication that clearance for that specific clip is either required or not required. If clearance is required, you must contact us regarding your intended use prior to paying for a license.

Are all the files on the site fully cleared for commercial use?

Clips marked "Editorial" are not cleared for commercial use. Some clips that are cleared for commercial use may require additional clearance prior to licensing. (See above).

What does "no model/property release on file for this clip" mean?

This clip either does not require a model or property release or does not have one. If you are unsure whether a release is needed for your use of a clip, please contact us at

Is my usage covered by your license agreement?

When paying for your footage license, select the terms that most accurately cover your intended use. Please see the full terms of our license agreement here: Footage Quest License Agreement.

Can we get a custom license agreement?

Custom license agreements should be submitted for validation prior to payment. Please contact us at for more information.

How do I credit your company in my production?

Credit for licensed clips should be accorded, where feasible, in the following form: "Video Imagery supplied by [Creator] / FootageQuest".

Exclusive Content?

Will my use of a clip be exclusive?

Our Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free licenses do not grant exclusive use. Certain clips may be available for exclusive use or you can hire us to film exclusive content for you. Contact us at for more information.

Can I hire you to film something for me?

Absolutely! Please contact us at for more information.

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