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Demo Reel - Grand Canyon

The Cineflex V14HD is a gyro-stabilized aerial camera system which uses an integrated Sony CineAlta HDC1500 camera with 42x 9.7mm Fujinon lens. Aerial Filmworks mounted the Cineflex V14HD on the nose of a Bell 206B3 Jet Ranger helicopter. The film team worked closely with the Grand Canyon National Park to make sure all permissions and permits were in place before filming. Daily updates to local air traffic control and the tour helicopter companies were sent on each flight day. The pilot was specifically approved for the operation by the FAA and Department of Interior. Reference points were mapped to the helicopter GPS to avoid sensitive condor nesting areas. Natural resource and wildlife managers reviewed the flight plans.

All Grand Canyon clips are available as rights-managed HD stock footage. View the selection of clips used in this reel.