Demo Reels. Compilations featuring FootageQuest clips.

Dubai: Aloft

The old town of Dubai contrasts with new architecture and towering skyscrapers filmed in 2K (2048x1152) by Aerial Filmworks using the Cineflex Elite… (read more) or view the selection of clips used in this reel.

Grand Canyon

The film team worked closely with the Grand Canyon National Park to make sure all permissions and permits were in place before filming aerials. Reference points were mapped to the helicopter GPS to avoid sensitive condor nesting areas. Natural resource and wildlife managers reviewed the flight plans… (read more)

Select clips used in this reel can be viewed in this collection.

Exploring Patagonia: The Aysen Region for FQ

Ron Chapple of Aerial Filmworks uses the Cineflex Elite stabilized camera system on a journey of ice and water through the wild Aysén Region of Chile… (read more)

View select footage used in this reel, available as Rights-Managed stock at 2880x1620 resolution and 29.97 fps.

New York City

This New York City footage was filmed by Aerial Filmworks with the Cineflex V14HD gyro-stabilized camera system using a Sony HDC1500-R… (read more)

All 1080p clips featured in this demo are available for rights-managed licensing in full-color at 29.97fps.

Istanbul Demo Reel

Amazing and beautiful Istanbul filmed with the Cineflex Elite, RED 6K Dragon, and Canon 30-300mm Cinema lens.

All Istanbul clips are available as rights-managed HD stock footage. View the selection of clips used in this reel.